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"There are probably two things that matter most to me in any art form; one is "voice" the other is veracity. In the world of guitar, I can hear any three notes written by Michael Hedges and know it's him... likewise Alex DeGrassi. So unique and distinctive are their styles and melodic/harmonic structures that their musical voice is unmistakable. I also need to believe the artist. I'm not interested in facade or pretension. In the world of guitar there are a billion and fifty talented players who are gymnastically impressive but whose music is vacant of evocative emotion. Returning to Hedges and DeGrassi again (both artists I've produced), the staggering skills of these players is unquestionable, but the techniques always in the service of the composition and communication. Reversing the priorities is meaningless.

 Tim Pacheco's music is his own. Of course you can hear his musical influences (as you can in all of us), but this is mature work in which Tim's voice has emerged very clearly. I also believe him as an artist. His music evokes deep, basic, clear emotion.... in short, it's true. Tim is a fine, disciplined player, but not a slave to technique. Whether it was chanting in caves or beating on drums, music has always been about giving voice to the human soul. If we lose sight of the primal communication that is the language of music we've missed the point. Tim has not missed the point."
 - Will Ackerman, Windham County, Vermont

Instrumental Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar

"Tim Pacheco is tuned into the acoustic guitar zen center of the universe." - Michael Gulezian, guitarist

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