Tim Pacheco

Tim Pacheco was born on a breezy Thursday morning (20.9 knots) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His grand-parents had emigrated from Spain and no, his parents didn’t teach him to speak Spanish. To make a good impression on girls, he wore bellbottoms, wrote poetry and captured their hearts by serenading them with an old steel string Stella guitar.

Years after the fact, he found out that his older sister had gone to a Doors concert without taking him along and to this day, he has not forgiven her. Use of an electric guitar helped to express similar teenage frustrations.

Good thing Tim’s parents had moved to L.A., otherwise he may have missed the Leo Kottke concert, whose raw acoustic finger-picking changed his life forever. John Fahey inspired him to play straight from his heart and one of Tim’s finest days came when Will Ackerman asked him to perform with him in front of a packed audience at the Performing Arts Center in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Tim’s greatest reward is when his original, melodic instrumental compositions evoke an emotional connection and his music creates a bond to those who gather to witness him playing the guitar in a way that would make his mama proud.

Instrumental Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar

"Tim Pacheco is tuned into the acoustic guitar zen center of the universe." - Michael Gulezian, guitarist

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