Tim Pacheco New CD Of Wordless Realms
"Tim Pacheco is a hopeless romantic.  I know because I’m one too.  There isn’t a moment in this CD that doesn’t  speak the truth of what’s in his heart.   Tim is a brilliant guitarist, a wonderful composer and this is his finest work to date."

  - Will Ackerman, Founder of Windham Hill Records 


Tim's new CD "Of Wordless Realms" now available at



Last updated - 7/10/14: added new performance dates for Ragged Company to the calendar page.

Ragged Company is my vocal duo with friend and musician Cindy Myers. We play a mix of cover tunes and originals in the Americana/Folk genre with beautiful harmonies and a variety of instruments.


Instrumental Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar

"Tim Pacheco is tuned into the acoustic guitar zen center of the universe." - Michael Gulezian, guitarist

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