Of Wordless Realms


"Listening to Tim Pacheco's guitar compositions is a transporting and transformative experience - transporting you away from your daily stress, transforming you into a floating soul at peace with everything around you.  No wonder his day job is to provide music for patients and their family and friends who are receiving hospice care or in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. You can get lost in these songs, wandering around a cool forest with light filtering through whispering leaves." - Glen Starkey, New Times

He calls his new 11-song collection Of Wordless Realms, and each instrumental song is like taking a little mental trip through Pacheco's musical world.  Some he plays solo, others he enlists the help of stellar musicians.  Accordionist Duane Inglish and violinist Brynn Albanese of the group Cafe Musique join him on "Une Nuit Étrange au Père Lachaise," a lush, mysterious tune about visiting the burial place of artists Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, and Jim Morrison.

Tim Pacheco’s combination of sensitivity and accomplished prowess on his guitar is striking.  While this recording spotlights Tim's incredible guitar work, you’ll also hear harp, vocalizations, flute, violin, cello, tabla and yes - accordion!  Of Wordless Realms is a collection of evocative melodies that linger long after the final note is played.

Instrumental Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar

"Tim Pacheco is tuned into the acoustic guitar zen center of the universe." - Michael Gulezian, guitarist

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