It's a tremendous album with excellent guitar work.  Definitely a must for any acoustic guitar or new age program." - Dave Butler, Innervisions Syndicated Radio Show  ” - Dave Butler - regarding "Of Wordless Realms"

— InnerVisions Syndicated Radio Show

"If you want a CD of first-class guitar compositions, lush sound, and a feel-good vibe, you can’t go wrong with Tim Pacheco’s "Of Wordless Realms." The 11 tunes demonstrate that intangible quality of what makes music good. Pacheco never is rushed in delivering beautiful playing that suits each song. Maybe it’s a testament to some of his seminal influences, but the opening "Faun’s Dance" reminds listeners of Will Ackerman in the early Windham Hill days. It’s a short piece you wish would go longer (can we ever say anything better about a song?). Pacheco creatively utilizes some duets and ensembles to go along with his solo guitar pieces, allowing the other voices to shine while he takes a back seat. In a nod to one of his influences, Pacheco handles the challenging "Without You" by guitarist Michael Gulezian, with its dark tones underlying a sensitive melody. "Orisya" is a happy, lilting jaunt with marimba and percussion along for the friendly ride. The title cut "Of Wordless Realms" slowly sinks into your consciousness like the sun on a cool day. The disc ends with the winding "The Foundling" with harp and voice. It’s a close your eyes kind of tune that bathes your ears in sweet, delicious tones. Honestly, this is one of the best guitar CD’s I have heard this year." © Kirk Albrecht” - Kirk Albrecht

Minor 7th: Reviewing the best in non-mainstream acoustic guitar music

 "Wow- Of Wordless Realms  is- in a word- gorgeous! Tim instinctively knows that a good melody and a fine use of space can craft a mood that will stimulate an honest emotional response in a listener" - Jim Earp, guitarist, Solid Air Records” - Jim Earp - guitarist, Solid Air Records
Tim Pacheco is tuned into the acoustic guitar zen center of the universe.” - Michael Gulezian - guitarist

Instrumental Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar

"Tim Pacheco is tuned into the acoustic guitar zen center of the universe." - Michael Gulezian, guitarist

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Tribute to Neil Young by Songwriters at Play

Morro Bay Wine Seller, 601 Embarcadero Suite 5, Morro Bay, CA

Come join us for a night of songs by Neil Young at Morro Bay Wine Seller. Sing along to hits like Long May You Run, Love is a Rose, Heart of Gold, Down By The River, Harvest Moon, and many more. Headlining is Charlie Baker, Ojai-based performer who regularly does a whole night of Neil songs in a tribute called Forever Young.

The Sept. 10 tribute includes Ragged Company, Archie Logsdon, Steve Kindel, BanjerDan, Sebastian Luna, John Sandoval, Dan Grant, Max MacLaury, and Ryan Dishen. Show begins at 6:30pm.  Buy your tickets in advance and we will reserve your seats!

Tickets can be ordered at:


Songwriters at Play

The Wine Seller, 601 Embarcadero Ste 5, Morro Bay

I will be playing a 4 song set at this great music listening venue. Featured act will be our local favorites Bob & Wendy. Bob will be sitting in with me on cello. More details to follow.

FREE - pass the tip bucket for featured act


Songwriters at Play

The Wine Seller, 601 Embarcadero Suite 5, Morro Bay

I will be playing a 4 song set at this great music listening venue with great wines and some food. I play at 6:50, so get there early to get a seat and catch my set. Show starts at 6:30 PM. See info below for the featured act and other guests & details. Chelsea Williams has played several of our events as a member of The Salty Suites, and now takes a solo turn. Her 2017 album, "Boomerang", gets steady airplay on our public radio station KCBX. Chelsea's made a name for herself as a musician in Los Angeles in a less than traditional way. Without the support of a record label, or radio play, Chelsea managed to sell nearly 100,000 copies of her independently released records the old fashioned way, by playing on the street. Chelsea became the darling of Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade and captured the hearts of locals, tourists and fans from around the world, gaining an impressive following. Among those who have taken note of her talents and frequent her sets include Adam Sandler, Sheryl Crow, LeAnn Rimes, and Ron Howard to name a few. Crosby, Stills, and Nash even sent Chelsea flowers in appreciation of the quality of her cover of "Helplessly, Hoping" they had found on YouTube. More at Special guests include local faves Bob & Wendy, Tim Pacheco, Stereo Chickens, and Nashville's Sally and George.

FREE - pass the tip bucket for featured act

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